How To Interview Like A Betch

After having networked your way to the top (or at least, to the interview process), you need to nail the interview so you can get the job. If you’re a Class of 2014 betch hopefully you’ve found a job by now but if not, I’m here to help with the most crucial step. If you’re a Class of 2015 betch who’s like a business major or something and interviewing in the fall, don’t take my advice, I’m just a freelance blogger.

Do: Research the Company

I know you have the ten minutes it takes to Google the company—just do it during class, you weren’t paying attention anyway. They’re probably going to ask you why you want to work there or something along those lines, and “I need money and you guys seem to be offering it” isn’t going to cut it. Just find one specific thing about the company besides the perks and say that you absolutely love it, like “I totally see myself in a fast-paced, creative environment” or “I’ve always dreamed of being a paralegal for as long as I can remember.”

Don’t: Dress Like a Slut

I’m serious, now is not the time. There might be like a 50% or greater chance your interviewer is a guy, but do you really want to be the girl whose cleavage got her the job? Yeah, didn’t think so.

Do: Bring a Copy of Your Resume

If the interviewer asks if you brought a copy and you say no, you’ll look like a dumbass. If they already have their own copy, then you’ll be over-prepared. This is one of the few situations where you can be over-prepared and we won’t accuse you of being a Nice Girl or TTH. Just don’t go overboard with it and like make a Powerpoint presentation or anything.

Don’t: Worry About Coming Across as Not Professional Enough

This sounds like a contradiction, I know. Bear with me, commenters. When you go in for the interview, you want to look professional, yes. But you don’t need to focus your attention on sounding super professional. You want to connect with whoever you’re interviewing so that they could picture you working there and potentially being their office bestie. That won’t happen if you spend your time worrying about saying “Yes” rather than “Yeah” and end up a sputtering, nervous mess. That being said, don’t say YOLO.

It might seem like a lot of work but think of it this way: once you get the job you can get paid to continue to not do work. Priorities.


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