How To Have An Amazing Night Out Even If You’re Broke AF

I want to bang my head against the wall every time someone says, “I’m so broke” as their excuse for not going out and enjoying themselves. When your bank account makes you feel poor AF, it may seem like a crazy night out is off the table. But, if betches are known for one thing, it’s having fun.

Whether you went on a treat yo’ self shopping spree and bought a bunch of expensive shit, just finished restocking your alcohol supply or are currently experiencing being a broke-ass college student, there are ways to have fun, without a flush bank account.

1. Assemble your dream team

Taylor Swift squad

The most important thing you can do to live the betchiest life possible is surround yourself with the right squad. We all have those ride-or-die betches that can instantly turn the lamest “party” into something actually worth your time. We also know a few soul-sucking Dementors that will kill any sign of fun at a social event, so let them know, “You can’t sit with us.”

You absolutely don’t want to leave your house without assembling the right crew. They’ll back you up in case you wind up at a party with 6 people awkwardly standing around a table, trying to make conversation when all they really want to do is find the booze (which seems to be hidden) and make a getaway.

2. Set goals

Challenge Accepted

Now that you’ve assembled a team worthy of joining your betch circle, set some actual goals or rules for the night. Normally, the idea of playing by the rules sounds like death by boredom. But not when you set them yourself. Think of it like a mission or a game. So what if you have no cash? Turn it into part of your game.

Challenge your group to get shitfaced without spending more than $5 or to get all of your drinks for free the entire night. When you meet strangers, you can tell them you’re playing a game. (Rather than saying you’re as broke as a bankrupt 50 Cent.)

3. Make it a potluck

I'll bring the wine

The only thing in your fridge might be sriracha and an airplane sized bottle of vodka, but everybody has something. Invite all of your besties and tell them everybody has to bring food and drinks. You get the credit for being a great hostess, everybody else picks up the tab. If you want to make it a night out, get one of your friends to host it at their place, and pick up a box of brownie mix at your local bodega.

4. Find free activities in your city

Fo free

Smart betches know how to get shit for free (even if we can pay for it ourselves). Five minutes of research and you’ll find out about films in the park, free kayaking, or social group get togethers to cause trouble around the city.

5. Throw a party somewhere crazy

There is no wrong way to consume alcohol

Bring a portable sound system. Throwing your iPhone in a cup just won’t do it. Takeover the local playground, a subway car, a baseball diamond, or even your office after hours. After all, you probably know where your boss hides the booze. Make sure you know where all the cameras are.

6. Make every PR Person your new BFF

Did we just become best friends

They throw lots of parties with open bars. Best part is they are way better than promoters because they won’t try to convince you to make out with their busted friend just because he paid for bottle service.

Remember, with these essentials you can be broke AF and still be the life of the party. For more ways to do fun and adventurous shit, check out The 2 AM Principle: Discover the Science of Adventure.

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