How To Get Your Way Like A Betch

I tend to always gets my way. It’s basically in my DNA, and I’m hardwired to do whatever it takes to get what I want, need, or desire.

I’d like to take this time to let the peanut gallery know that I am not, in fact, a brat, or a whore. I’m a bomb betch/fierce woman warrior and I’m not afraid.

If it starts looking like I’m not going to get my way, drastic measures are arranged in an effort to make it happen. Tim Gunn is our role model, always inspiring us to “make it work.” And we do, because we can.

A betch gets her way in the most cunning and classy ways. Whether you’re negotiating with the FBI or trying to get your friend to try a different bar, get your way with these top-notch tips.

​Understand the art of persuasion. I’m not talking about showing some extra cleave. Regardless of how low your top is, you need to know how to talk the talk. Consider your audience and know how to work them. Little things, like the language, tone, and method of delivery, all need to align with your goal and who you’re addressing. ​A true artist is able to pick up on all of the needs of the person they’re trying to convince.

State your intention clearly. Don’t just say you want the Prada bag “just because.” Regardless of what you’re going after, showcase what your intentions are. You want the Prada bag because it will hold everything you need on a daily basis and help keep those items safe, organized, and easily accessible. It’s not your fault it’s functional and fashionable with a price tag of $2,000. Obviously, these ideals are more for situations where you’re talking about getting a much bigger deal than a freaking Prada bag (see: landing a job).

Use your emotions wisely. When you’re trying to get someone to see your side of things, it’s important to tap into their emotional center. Be truthful and transparent, whether you’re applying to get into grad school or you’re bargaining with some hag at a garage sale. If you can get them to sympathize with you on any level, you’re golden. No matter what, don’t cry if things go south. You’re a big girl, you got this.

Give the people what they want. Sometimes, you can’t get everything you want on our own. That’s where your family/friends can come in handy. Never forget these people, especially if they help you work toward a goal of something you want/need. If someone does a favor to help you get your way, always pay them back. Not paying someone back not only gives them motivation to destroy you later, but it also makes you look like a bitch, which is the most un-betchy thing you could do.

Tone down the sarcasm. As difficult as it may be, sarcasm is your worst enemy when it comes to getting your way. You’ve gotta stay positive and try to reflect that in your tone of speech. When you want something, most of the time you have to be on some level of nice (ugh) to get it.

Be persistent. There’s nothing worse than watching someone give up. If you want something badly enough, you’ll do whatever it takes to get to it. Waiting four years and working hard to reach a goal is better than never reaching that goal at all (big or small).

Go forth and conquer. 


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