You Can Now Hire Someone To Help You Get The Fuck Over Your Ex

TG, you can now send your perpetually-not-over-some-bro-friend to a professional breakup expert who is not you. For the low low price of $10 per session, you or someone you love (but can’t fucking handle right now) can consult with “Social Media Break Up Coordinator” Caroline Sinders who will handle all the nasty post breakup shit that you are legit too anxious to do for yourself.

So what does that mean, you ask? Well, Caro will take the reigns of your facebook, twitter, and insta after a brief 21 question quiz to determine who you’re trying to get out of your social media life (that’s easy — everyone but Drake) and what types of social media you use. Then she’ll go in, unfriend your ex, and delete all of your pictures together even the super cute ones that you know you would have not deleted and kept looking at over and over again even though you fully know he is dating Michelle (who is a slut) now.

TBH, this is some shit that you should be able to woman up and do for yourself, but, then again, what’s betchier than paying someone minimum wage to do some shit you could have done yourself?

It should also be noted that Sinders claims this whole thing to be a “performance art piece” or some other annoying hipster type thing and if you check out her twitter it seems to confirm my previous hypothesis that she is annoying but, I don’t need to be friends with the people who work for me so who cares. 


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