‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Recap: Annalise Anonymous

Who is the survivor discovered at the end of last week? We don’t know yet, but they aren’t in great shape. Despite being covered in burns and on the way to surgery, they’re probably still looking better than Annalise in jail.

Four Weeks Earlier

Annalise and Eve are at a bar, having super non-platonic drinks that are interrupted by the arrival of two sleazy litigators. A lot of drunk dancing leads to Annalise stumbling home to Nate, the single most patient man of all time.

In a sleazy motel somewhere in America, Frank is awoken by a knock at the door. He trades a whole lot of money for something very flammable, always a good sign when we already know the season ends in a catastrophic fire.

The new whiny guy from class scolds the Keating Five for discussing their sex life in court. He’s clearly new. Asher is a very sweaty first chair in Annalise’s current case, defending a high school kid named Tristan who’s been stealing money through credit card ATM fraud. Annalise’s debilitating hangover leads to Asher taking point and completely bombing in court. Michaela can’t even watch, and she’s forced to stare at his naked body on a regular basis.

Asher’s horrific defense is interrupted halfway through with some unfortunate news: Annalise’s license has been suspended for gross misconduct, aka bitch slapping her heinous client from last week. Nate offers to dig around and try and find her a way out of this, because there is nothing he won’t do for his woman. This man has been caught manipulating the system countless times, who still lets him have access to the computers??

Frank has secured himself a job at some kind of medical institution, where he spends his time trying to sneak into secure areas and lying to nurses. Meanwhile, Laurel tracks down his dad and finds out that Frank narrowly avoided jail time in the past thanks to some legal maneuvering by Annalise. No surprises here.

not impressed

Now on their own, Asher and Bonnie try to get information out of their client about where he spent all his stolen money. The kid refuses to budge, which means it’s Oliver’s turn to do some most likely illegal nerd work. The new kid in class volunteers to help, which can only mean one thing: there’s a new gay in town. Together they figure out that their defendant has a storage unit on the outskirts of town that he’s been using to hide supplies for his unborn baby…who is currently being carried by his teacher. This case just got 100% more interesting for us and a little too close to home for Bonnie.

this case just remained interesting

A man with no more credibility to lose, Nate goes to the prosecutor from last week to try and get some help for Annalise. While he works that angle, his Annalise cozies up to Eve in the home that she shares with her doting boyfriend. Before things get too romantic, Eve asks Annalise what she did with her insurance money. Whereas most women would book some extravagant Eat, Pray, Love style trip, Annalise hired a hitman to kill Frank. You know, responsible things. Nate arrives before things get too heated and does an almost believable job of looking like he thinks there’s nothing suspect going on here.

While the team is researching their case, Laurel gets a call from Meggy. She’s trying to plan something for Wes’s birthday and wants to invite his other girlfriend, how sweet. Speaking of two girlfriends, Connor leaves the work session early to go have a quick threesome with two college juniors. There are a lot of weird parts to that situation, the most notable being that two college juniors are living in a dorm room.

Annalise confronts the Dean about a faculty member who anonymously submitted the video of her slapping her client. For once she fails to be the loudest person in the room when the Dean shouts her down and tells her to shut her mouth. Careful ma’am, her last enemy ended up being tossed off a balcony.

Annalise: Men have died for less.

Wes, more perceptive than anyone gives him credit for, notices that Laurel has been acting shady lately. When he confronts her about it she quickly distracts him by spilling the deets on his surprise party. Undermine the other woman and remove attention from yourself? You go, Laurel.    

After being framed for a murder, losing his job twice, and helping Annalise fabricate a crime scene, you would think Nate would deserve just a modicum of respect in his relationship. Nah. When he asks Annalise if she’s fucking Eve, she laughs in his face and asks why he cares. Um??? Maybe because he lives with you and makes you food and goes to family events with you and is also your boyfriend??

Viola Davis

Nate: You’re going to die alone.
Annalise: From your mouth to God’s ears.

Bonnie puts Tristan’s teacher on the stand and completely blindsides the court with the news that she’s pregnant with a teenager’s baby. No one is really happy with her approach, especially Tristan. Although the charges against him were dropped, now his baby will be born in jail and end up in the system, just like he did. A for effort, D- for execution.

In her latest bout of manipulation, Annalise admits to the university board that she’s an alcoholic, citing it as the cause of her erratic behavior as of late. She agrees to go into treatment if it means she can get her license reinstated. Who came up with this brilliant approach? Nate, of course. Annalise thanks him for his plan by trying to have sex with Eve, who against all odds TURNS HER DOWN. This is super unfortunate for Annalise, as Nate has already started sleeping with the prosecutor from last week, leaving her with no one to emotionally abuse.

Annalise: Do you love her?
Eve: Yes.
Annalise: …and you still don’t want to ruin her life? Strange.

you're such a weirdo

Wes’s surprise party is a banger, full of people that can’t possibly be his actual friends because last time I checked he only has four. Laurel doesn’t even attempt to hide her jealousy and skulks in the corner while Meggy and Wes dance. Connor had the same thought process that I did and assumes Oliver is hooking up with the new guy. It turns out he isn’t hooking up with him, or anyone for that matter because the whole HIV positive thing makes that a little more difficult than usual.

Annalise’s self-pity is interrupted by Bonnie with some truly conflicting news: Her dad is dead. It turns out the low security prison that Frank has been working in was the same place that her father was being kept, and Frank fucked his way to an access card so that he could kill him with the illegally purchased substance from earlier. Guess it wasn’t for lighting Annalise’s home on fire after all.

Laurel overhears this and puts the pieces together, but doesn’t seem to see the murder as honorable as Frank undoubtedly does. She tells Bonnie who actually murdered her father, not knowing the twisted history here. Bonnie tells her to keep her mouth shut, likely as a silent thank you to Frank for his service.


Back to present day, Oliver and Bonnie are in the hospital trying to get the identity of the second body found in Annalise’s house. Meggy is on the scene and delivers the news that the patient is pregnant. Seconds later she recognizes Laurel on the table, and MAN I hope it’s Wes’ baby.

Apparently we are only four episodes from finding out who the dead body is. The current pool of suspects has widened from Nate or the new kid to include the Dean and the prosecutor, because no one yells at Annalise or fucks her not-boyfriend without some serious consquences.


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