How To Get Amy Schumer’s Famous AF Smokey Eye

In what was maybe the betchiest speech at the Emmy's ever, Amy Schumer gave a s/o to her makeup artist. The Former Betch of the Week literally thanked everyone for helping her and then just threw in a casual thanks to “the girl who gave me this sort of smokey eye…I love it.”

Actual footage of Amy before she went on stage:

Then everyone collectively was like “fuck yeah” and also wondered how we could get that smokey eye ourselves because why wouldn't we want Emmy winning makeup? Thank fucking god this is 2015, and the MUA in question, Andrea Tiller, posted these tips on her insta.

Based on this info, here's how you can get Amy Schumer's smokey eye yourself:

Step 1: Base

Apply Bobbi Brown's Long Wear Cream Shadow in 'Copper' all over your lid so your colors show up more pigmented and last longer.

Step 2: Shadow

First, start with a bronzy color, like the bottom left one from Charlotte Tilburry's The Golden Goddess palette, and focus it in your crease and on the outer portion of your eye. Then, start applying the darkest brown color from Dior's #796 palette in your outer “V”, and drag it under your bottom lashes.

Step 3: Liner

Line the inner rim of your lower lash line with a dark turquoise eyeliner, like Laura Mercier's “Black Turquoise.” Then for your upper lash line, use a true black liquid liner.

Step 4: Highlight

Use a light bronze shade like 'Baked' from Urban Decay on the inner corners of your eyes.

Step 5: Lashes

Use a shit ton of mascara and then top if off by applying falsies. Tiller used Velour lashes in 'Strike a Pose.'

Sounds like a lot of work, but if it gets me one step closer to being as fucking dope as Schumer, then I'm in.

Girl power.


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