How To Dress Cute When It’s Raining (Ugh)

In my humble opinion, there’s literally nothing worse than rain. It kind of fucks everything up, you know? When it snows you can dress in layers and that’s chic and makes you look thinner. If it’s too hot, throw on a cute tank top and the shortest shorts you can find, or even better, a bathing suit. But how exactly do you remain effortlessly perfect looking when there’s water falling from the sky waiting to ruin whatever work you (didn’t) put in? Much like Elle Woods talked Cameron Diaz out of buying a truly heinous angora sweater from Fred Segal (whoever said orange is the new pink was seriously disturbed), I’m here to talk you out of that sweatshirt and leggings you’re about to put on. You’re welcome.

Trench Coats

Before creepy naked men made trench coats weird, they were a sexy spring staple that could withstand the rain while keeping us stylish and dry. Perfect for walking to class or if you’re a grown up HBIC on her way to work, the trench coat is the answer to your question of what to wear on casual Friday. We like Burberry’s Sandringham Slim Trench Coat, but like, do you. Pair the trench coat with a white t-shirt, jeans, and some black pumps for a simple look.

Rain Boots

Considering it’s now spring you might think your boots can be delegated to the back of your closet. Well betches, April showers bring May flowers (it’s the end of March, just, like, chill, for a sec), so let’s weather this storm with something that’ll protect your feet (and the bottom of your pants). Obv Hunter women’s original refined back strap rain boots are a classic.


Alright, so I’m the first to steer clear of a hat when it’s offered to me. Ask my mom. She’s been buying me beanies with puff balls on the top for Hanukkah since I can remember and not once have I ever actually put one on my head. However, when it’s raining my hair really, really doesn’t like it. After years of willing it to happen, I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that if it’s raining that means my hair’s going up or I’m possibly not leaving my apartment (#SorryNotSorry). To save you from my personal shame and while it’s still cold enough that you could pull it off, put on a beanie, learn from my mistakes. Conveniently, we have a cute af beanie at Shop Betches. Isn’t it weird how that worked out?


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