How To: Deal With A Social Climber

No matter how betchy you are at least once in a while you stumble across that “friend” that over time you realize is just trying to climb their way to the top of whatever imaginary social ladder they see. Before you jump down my throat, it doesn’t matter how cool you are, someone who thinks they can actually still try and social climb without being called out for being a flake in this day and age is clearly confused.

The most important thing to do is to be able to spot someone like this, because being used is not in my five year plan. If we had five year plans. They will be always updating their social media when hanging out with people who they think will impress others. This means tons of photos EVERY time you go out, them tweeting “inside jokes” that you didn't even realize really existed, and lastly they will try and figure out what you’re going to do on the weekend like way ahead of time. Now while this may sound like your over-eager social media friend, the huge difference is how they react to plans.

The social climber will want to know what your plans are way ahead of time and then they will just ghost until right before or for the rest of the night. This is because they are trying to check around with other people to see if there is anything “better” happening that they can wrangle an invite to. If they can, you're not going to hear from them, and you won't find out what they're doing until you see it plastered all over your instagram feed.

The sucky part about this whole situation is that they usually are seemingly nice people who you generally enjoy hanging out with. But if they were a solid friend this wouldn't be so frequent and they would throw you an invite to their “better” plans every now and then (not like you need one).

The best way to deal with this is to just do the casual drift. Stop inviting them to eeeeeeverything, and make sure you don’t rely on them for anything. It’s really not worth your energy to confront them because 9 out of 10 times it works every time they're just too stupid to understand how they're climbing the wrong fucking ladder.


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