How To Be The Best Dressed At Your Seder

Being a member of the tribe means more than wearing multiple Cartier bracelets and an SDT sweatshirt. Not exactly Jewish Easter but obviously looming around the same time of year, Passover is back (back again). Whether you’re reading The Four Questions or finding the afikomen, the celebration of our liberation from Egyptian slavery needs to be done in a cute outfit.  Whatever you choose to wear—dress, romper, or pajamas because the last thing you wanted to be doing was pretending you cared about this holiday—make sure you do it all in style.


From left: Lace back tank dress by Band of Gypsies; lace skater dress by Bee Darlin; Jillian embroidered dress by O’Neill

Considering the beautiful weather as of late (let’s hope it continues), it wouldn’t be totally ludicrous to wear something summery. You want to remain appropriate because you’ll be surrounded by family and just like bubbie doesn’t approve of your small tattoo, she won’t approve of you dressing like a slut either. You’ll probably want to wear a cardigan to be safe.


From left: Floral Surplice romper by ASTR; Long sleeve print romper by Willow & Clay

A good alternative to a dress when your seder just isn’t that fancy is a romper. They’re super comfortable and airy for warmer weather but also a lot more low key. Long-ish sleeves mean you can go without wearing a cardigan and not get the stink-eye from your elders. You could definitely get away with wearing one of these to class and if you can wear it to class without looking like a try-hard, my guess is it would probably work for your mom’s brisket, too.


From left: Adina flat sandal by Lauren Ralph Lauren; Hillarie sandal by Steve Madden

Just because by the time seder’s over you’re hungrier than Joey at Thanksgiving doesn’t mean that’s an excuse to let yourself go. Phoebe’s pregnancy pants looked stupid on him and if you’re wearing the right shoes, you also will look pretty fucking dumb. You’ll want to opt for flats for the first time in your life. Obv you’ll have to change into close-toed shoes if your family is forcing you to go to synagogue, but like, that’s not my problem.


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