Here’s How That Caffeine Bracelet Works

Attention iced coffee addicts (aka all of you): behold the Joule Caffeine Bracelet, an indiegogo campaign that casually raised more than 360% of their original fundraising goal to create a bracelet that literally puts caffeine directly into your bloodstream. But why would I want to put caffeine directly into my bloodstream? Won’t my barista be worried if I just stop showing up?

Well, yes, he or she will, but he or she will also have to get over it because, according to the creators of Joule, the bracelet provides you with all the perks of the drug (aka “being able to stay awake even though your office job is boring AF”) without all the shitty parts of drinking coffee like having stained teeth and halitosis.

How does it work? Well, when you snap on the Joule, the transdermal (hows that for an SAT word, Mrs. Krenshaw?!?) patch will deliver the caffeine the same way nicotine patches deliver nicotine—through the skin and into the bloodstream. So basically, it works through science.

No release date on these lifechangers yet, but you can still donate to their Indiegogo and get the Joule bracelet (or WATCH!!! they also have watches!!!) for only $29 and then when they do come in you can change your life with all the time you’ve saved going to Starbucks or (God forbid) making coffee for yourself. It’s the ultimate not-doing-work tool that may actually end up helping you do work.


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