How Do I Stop Myself From Looking At My Ex’s Instagram? Dear Betch…

Dear Betches,

I am having a recurring problem of vomiting every time I see my ex Instagram with his new GF. Literally every single time. I officially dated my ex for only a few short months, but we had known each other for almost two years. He was the first guy I actually loved and our breakup was messy as shit. Long story short, we stopped seeing eye to eye on life goals…like money…he didn’t value financial stability.

Obviously, I had to get out. I am much happier now, but last week I saw him Instagram with his new girlfriend and it was so shattering. My body started shaking and I threw up – and it keeps on happening. I am really not sure why I have this problem and I think it may be because of my innate hatred of seeing my ex-lovers with new, “shiny”, girls. I desperately need advice on how to get over my loser ex bf and his trashy new gf. I bought a membership for TITLE Boxing, is this a good idea?


Worried About My Tooth Enamel

Dear Not Word Vomit…Actual Vomit

Have you ever stopped to think that maybe your overactive gag reflex had something to do with your brief relationship? Just a thought…

In all seriousness, I feel you, to a certain point. Seeing an ex with a new girl is def shitty. That's why Instagram has these awesome features. One's called the unfollow feature. The other one's called the block feature. Combine both of these together with a little bit of willpower and you, too, can stop stalking your ex on social media. Really, it's the only way to save your tooth enamel. And your last meal.

As for how to get over your ex, you have a multitude of options. Blacking out. Retail therapy. Watching Dirty Dancing on repeat for 3 weeks (that was a test to see if you're really Zooey Deschanel). Fucking a bunch of bros. All these options are available to you, and more, but since idk you I have no idea what's your best course of action. You could try Sears, or like, this article.

I have no idea wtf TITLE Boxing is, but it sounds aggressive,

The Betches

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