How Do I Stop My Ex’s Girlfriend From Stalking Me? Dear Betch…

Dear Betch,

I dated this guy for about 2 years in college. He broke up with me because he needed time to figure his life out (he needed time to fuck every freshmen he could before graduating.) I was hurt, it got pretty dramatic but obviously got over it eventually. He went to spring break and started dating this girl he met there (love at first body shot) Fast forward to present day (like a year and a half after they started dating), I have a new boyfriend, my ex is still dating spring break girl. He and I never talk. All was well.

Then recently I got a notification that she followed me on twitter only to look and see that she unfollowed me right after. Classic accidental follow/unfollow scenario. I ignored it, it happens to the best of us. But then it happened like 3 times, then she favorited/unfavorited a few tweets from like 10+ months ago on multiple separate occasions. One time her friend liked one of my instagrams from the time I was with my ex. And all of these notifications come to me well past midnight so I’m like, maybe she’s playing some kind of weird “let’s see if she gets creeped out” game or maybe they drunk talk shit about me a lot and decide to creep through my social media, or maybe she just wants to know what I’m up to? I dk.

We have a few mutual friends so after a while I was like “hey do any of you know what tf this girl’s deal is?” and one of them was like “I think they broke up but I’m not sure”. We later confirmed that they did break up a few weeks prior (around the time she started raping my Twitter and Instagram.) Also, this is probably unrelated but she got the same haircut and color as mine and stared working out at my gym which is like 35 minutes from where she lives. I’m thinking maybe she has a new job closer to where I live and that’s why she goes to that gym? I dk I’m hoping for the best because I don’t want to outwardly call her a psychopath when I’m not entirely sure what exactly she thinks she’s doing. Like does she think that is normal behavior? Is that normal behavior and I'm abnormal for thinking it's weird?

So basically my first question is, do you think my ex’s (new) ex obsessed with me or am I just being super conceited and dramatic? And if she is obsessed with me, do I confront her and ask what her problem is or just take it as a form of flattery? I’m not even sure if I’m flattered or irritated, I literally don’t know how I feel.


Trying not to jump to conclusions

Dear Regina,

Congrats on winning the “bizarre email of the week award” because I don't even know wtf to say to this. Normally I'd just say this girl is stalking you to see what she's up against, so to speak, like, when you creep on your guy's ex before to make sure you're better than her in every way. But her behavior is def weird. I have a couple theories on the serial favoriting/un-favoriting:

a) This bitch is really bad at social media / is constantly drunk 

b) She wants you to know that she's got her eye on you, to assert dominance (crazy alert) 

c) She's really 80 years old and doesn't understand the internet

Probably a mix of a and b. Not a whole lot you can do besides change your privacy settings (would recommend, plus it'll be extra fun to see how she tries to keep tabs on you after you've blocked her).

As far as the hair/gym thing goes, it's hard to say. Do you belong to a super random gym in the middle of nowhere and is your hair rainbow striped? If so, you should be creeped out and maybe sleep with one eye open. Do you have ombre and belong to LA Fitness? GTFO of here with that bullshit.

Don't confront her, that would be weird and accomplish nothing other than making YOU look like the stalker who's keeping tabs on your ex's new girl all the time (I mean, you did just admit you know where she lives, so…?). Plus if she really does have something shady up her sleeve you don't want her to know you're onto her, you know? Just like, pretend everything's normal, keep your guard up, be aware of her behavior and make sure it doesn't escalate, and if it does maybe warn your friends you may have an evil doppleganger on the loose whose main mission is to ruin your life.

It's probably all in your imagination though,

The Betches


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