How Do I Respond To Being Cat Called? Dear Betch…

Dear Betch,

So I'm walking down the street and a guy comes up to me and says “You are so beautiful”. I mean I know I am hot as fuck but like, leave me alone. Not so surprised by their comment, I just keep on walking down the street. These guys leave a bad taste in my mouth.

Usually they’re construction workers, ghetto freaks, hobos and the occasional hipster creep. I’m not gonna lie, it makes my day when some rando confirms that I am as good looking as I think I am, but like how the fuck do I respond. What is your opinion on these creepy freaks?


Hot as fuck

Dear Self Proclaimed but Probably not Actually Hot as Fuck,

First off, your letter doesn’t make any fucking sense. You claim to be offended by these guys who 'leave a bad taste in your mouth' by calling you beautiful on the street but then go on to tell me that it makes your day and ask for the proper etiquette of response to the rando construction worker or hobo who has taken the time out of his busy day to yell misogynistic sweet nothings to you as you go about your day.

As Jerry Seinfeld puts it, these creepy freaks are the lowest of the low. Don't be flattered by their cat calls as it's aimed at every female with two legs in a short skirt that they see walking down the street and has almost zero correlation with your level of attractiveness. The correct response is to look pissed off and keep walking because these guys are fucking idiot freaks who actually think it's acceptable to hit on a woman by yelling that she's beautiful in an inappropriate setting. It's probably the lowest form of game in the universe and any woman who even acknowledges their presence is generally a loser with low self esteem or a Coach bag.

Find somewhere else to get validation,

The Betches


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