The Betches’ House of Cards Season 4 Drinking Game

Season 4 of House of Cards drops on Netflix Friday. So if you thought about making plans this weekend, now you need to think about cancelling them, or, at least, changing them to include binge watching the show and playing this drinking game.

  • Sip when there’s scenic shot of the White House or another historic American monument
  • Drink every time Frank breaks the fourth wall

  • Drink every time Frank does that weird knuckle tap thing on the table
  • Drink when Claire refers to Frank as “Francis”

  • Drink twice when someone cancels all of their appointments
  • Drink twice when someone talks about divorce
  • Drink twice every time you covet Claire’s outfit

  • Drink when Doug is sitting in his car, probably reminiscing on all of the people he’s killed
  • Take a shot if someone holds a meeting in a dimly-lit diner
  • Take a shot if Frank eats barbeque

  • Take a shot if someone is in underwear or naked for no real reason
  • Take a shot if a real-life news correspondent appears on TV talking about Frank Underwood as President
  • Waterfall for the duration of someone’s run or row

  • Finish your drink when a character you like just got killed

If you’re not drunk as shit by episode two, you’re doing it wrong. Happy drinking, betches. 


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