The Hottest Players In The 2016 World Series

Listen up, betches. It’s time for the World Series. I won’t be so shallow as to assume the only reason that betches are watching the World Series is to ogle at the first baseman’s ass, but it sure doesn’t hurt.

This year’s World Series is actually pretty fucking historic. The Cubs haven’t won a World Series since 1908. The Indians haven’t won since 1948. To put that in perspective, the Titanic hadn’t even been built, taken off, sank or been re-discovered the last time the Cubs won. America still had 48 states when the Indians won. That’s a really fucking long time ago.

So collectively, America gives a lot of shits about this World Series. But realistically, if you have no dog in the fight, it only makes sense to pick your fav team for the next week by judging the collective attractiveness of each team’s players. Presenting, the hottest gentlemen of the 2016 World Series. Bon appetit. 

Kris Bryant, Chicago Cubs

kris bryant

Jeff Manship, Cleveland Indians

Jeff Manship

Anthony Rizzo, Chicago Cubs

Anthony Rizzo

Ryan Merritt, Cleveland Indians

Ryan Merritt

Jake Arrieta, Chicago Cubs

Jake Arrieta

Francisco Lindor, Cleveland Indians

Francisco Lindor

Dexter Fowler, Chicago Cubs

Dexter Fowler

Mike Napoli, Cleveland Indians

Mike Napoli

Javier Baez, Chicago Cubs

Javier Baez

Tyler Naquin, Cleveland Indians

Tyler Naquin


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