Here’s Where the Hottest People Live, By City and State

Some dating app had the brilliant idea to put together an infographic detailing which cities have the most attractive/least attractive people in America, and it’s like, do you really think we need another reason not to live in Rhode Island? Anyway, here’s the basic breakdown, brought to you by the app, Clover. 

The hottest women live in Connecticut (uhm…) or Manhattan (duh), and the hottest men live in Montana (random) or Jacksonville, Florida (WTF).

The least attractive women live in Mississippi or Oklahoma City, and the least attractive men live in Rhode Island or Sunnyvale, California (That’s an actual place in California? Sounds made up tbh. It’s also probably not even that sunny). 

IDK I call bullshit on most of this because like, how did they even decide? There’s no way this irrelevant dating app had the capacity to knock on everyone’s door and rate them on a scale of hot to zombie, or even get a big enough sample size to make this work. Also, isn’t “beauty in the eye of the beholder” (or whatever we think to ourselves when we see two trolls holding hands out in public and feel secondhand blessed that like, at least they found each other)?

Just to make sure, though — and I never thought I’d say this, but — I’ll be making the move to Jackonsville, FL. (Yes, thank you, please forward me my student loan bills and my dog.)


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