The Hotline Bling Video Is Better Than The Actual Song

If you haven’t put “Hotline Bling” on repeat yet, then you’re either lying to yourself or have no taste, take your pick. It’s classic Drake – the softest Canadian ever, singing about some girl who doesn’t quite “get it.” But also, it’s about a girl whose life is low-key falling apart, which is all of us at this point in the semester.

So Drake released the music video, and people are freaking out. Tbh, it’s basically just Drake walking really slowly in different pairs of sweats aka a Kanye West fashion show. But it also works perfectly with pretty much every other song ever made. Tbt to #BeyonceAlwaysOnBeat, where people matched Beyonce dancing to random songs. It’s kind of like that, only a whole lot better because it’s Drake wearing Timbs.

My personal favorite is “That’s My Best Friend” by Tokyo Vanity. 



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