SNL Parodied Hotline Bling and It’s Everything

If you missed Saturday Night Live last weekend, you missed gold.


The music video for Hotline Bling – the one where Drake confines himself to a box and does some pretty awkward/unique/perfect-for-meme-and-gif making dance moves – has been remixed and made a huge splash across the internet, but THE BEST parody of the song was created Saturday night.

The SNL cast, including Jay Pharoh and Taran Killam, bounced and swayed around the confines of a lit-up box, singing “I know you make fun of my dance moves /Turn me into memes and gifs/But I’m proud of my dance moves/Because lots of people dance like this.”

Betchy presidential candidate Donald Trump hosted the show and was featured in the short as a “tax guy.” Martin Short, reprised his role as Ed Grimley. The spoof heavily implies that all dad-types (including tax guys and teachers) dance like this, which is both horrifying and embarrassing but mostly hilarious.

Do yourself a favor, make this Monday tolerable, and watch this video. 



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