‘Hot Mug Shot Guy’ Jeremy Meeks Was Released From Prison

Hold onto your panties, ladies (and GBFFs): Jeremy Meeks, the hot mugshot guy, was released from prison late last week. He’s ready to start his modeling career, which seems like a legit thing because he signed to White Cross talent agency last year, when he was still in prison. Hold up, how the fuck does a convicted felon get an agent WHILE STILL IN JAIL and I can’t even get 11 likes on my Instagram posts? Fuck me. Maybe prison is the way to go. It worked for Meeks, Piper Kerman…I might just have to like, steal something, or stab my annoying coworker in the face. For the good of my career, of course.

Unfortunately, he also Instagrammed a photo of himself with his wife and child. Womp womp. Sorry everybody.


Bout to start this countdown!

A photo posted by JEREMY MEEKS (@jmeeksofficial) on

But the good news is, he has an equally attractive brother who may or may not be a felon, so I mean, there’s hope. 


Looking forward to reuniting with my family. Counting down the days. #6days #spreadtheword

A photo posted by JEREMY MEEKS (@jmeeksofficial) on

Mar 2, 2016 at 12:26pm PST

Why is this entire family so fucking attractive?  And do they have any single cousins? Uncles? Grandfathers? Asking for a friend.


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