Who Is The Hot Grandpa Everyone Won’t STFU About?

So if you have been on the Internet at all this week, you have portably seen something related to #HotGrandpa. 3 questions come to mind: who is he, why is he so hot, and isn’t that the title of that new Robert DeNiro movie?

Well lets all just skip to the second question because who are we kidding, that’s always the most important. Short answer: He is fucking hot (duh) and that old timey army uniform just makes him even hotter. Like, imagine if George Clooney was in Inglourious Basterds. Yeah, that hot. Apparently, the man’s grandson did what all millenials do and posted this great pic to Reddit the other day and it was an instant hit. #HotAF

As for the first question, the man’s name is Thomas Schwendeman and he lives in Pennsylvania now. And the picture was taken right before he shipped off for the Korean War. And you’ll be happy to know that he is now a sweet old man who has been married to his wife for 67 years. #TheFeels

Here’s the OG picture that had the internet (and the soldiers at the time this photo was taken—see what I did there?) up in arms:

Wow. I am like, uncomfortable with how attracted I am to this man.

And here’s Thomas today with his wife, Fleecie:


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