Horrifying Betch Trend: Getting Blacklisted By Uber

There is definitely a sizable list of things a betch can do blacked out that are going to lead to Sunday morning regrets, but there is no mistake greater than being blacklisted from Uber. More and more betches are waking up with a horrifying tale: they check their email, expecting a surcharged uber receipt, but instead get a friendly but frank notice that they are no longer welcome on Uber’s services. It’s one of those things you kinda brag about at first for the story, like going into Mexican detox, but then you quickly realize it’s not actually funny.
Basically, Uber can blacklist you if they think you pose a threat to the drivers. This is usually a huge mystery for a blacklisted betch because she’s not going to be able to exactly pinpoint how she posed said threat. It could’ve been anything from telling the driver that if he doesn’t let you and your seven friends fit in the backseat then you’re going to call your dad, or having a casual vom in his centerfold, or possibly even verbally assaulting him because he doesn’t know where your house is and you don’t either. “I thought you were my driver!!!!! Do your fucking job!”

To stir the pot even more, it’s just been revealed that Uber drivers can also judge you, just like how you can judge them. They rate passengers after every trip, so when you get out of the car they give you 1-5 stars depending on how hot, bitchy, and hot you are. If you’re a low rated customer, Uber drivers are going to be less likely to opt to pick you up, and basically passive aggressively ignore you. So betchy, Uber, just another reason to love you.


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