Is It Weird That My Hook Up Never Texts Me? Dear Betch…

Dear Betch,

Now that spring semester is about to start it has officially been a year of me dealing with this on and off bullsh*t with a boy. We met through friends who eventually hooked it up and have been hooking up ever since but here is the catch, we don’t text ever. We go to the same small school and are in the same friend group so we know we will always see each other but I like texting. Is that bad? (He is a big pot head though).  As things progressed I got too into it to fast and he told me he didn’t want anything so me being a Betch moved on to another boy who wanted me.

After doing this the boy freaked out at me and asked how I could do this??? Mixed signals are his specialty. His senior year is about to end and my junior year is coming to a close but he still seems to tell me how much he cares and loves me all the time and things are always so great together but why can’t he make it official? why can’t he text me just to say hi? Am I being needy or just stupid for the fact I keep putting up with this?

Please help my semester out,

drunk and in love

Dear Fake-yoncé,

You got one thing right: you definitely sound drunk. You’re way too frantic…chill. I think I know what’s wrong here. This guy has a serious disease. It’s called fuckboy-itis. He didn’t want you (or at least, he didn’t want to commit to you), but he didn’t want anybody else to have you, either. Now he’s just salty that you’re still getting it in, while the only action he has is (presumably) his hand. You did the right thing by forgetting this dude. As the great philosopher Sean Carter once said, “Onto the next one.”

Somebody bring me back the money please,

The Betches

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