How Do I Make a Move On My Professor WIthout Embarrassing Myself? Dear Betch

Dear Betches,

I’m a senior at a small, liberal arts college that is pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Last term I had to take a random econ class for a major requirement (we’re on trimesters, so last term ended in October.) Anyway, I did really well in the class and got along really well with the professor. This is where the dilemma begins: he’s 32, single, and nothing to shy away from in the looks department.

Fast forward to this term. I have some classes, and conveniently like to study in the building where his office is so I started stopping by to say hi to him when I got the chance. It’s week 5 now, and I go in and talk to him pretty much every day for at least an hour or however long I have. He’s given me a ride home a few times when he sees me after my classes, and always goes out of his way to say hi and wave and shit to me. I guess my question is, how can I tell if he likes me, or just appreciates me as a student? And if he does like me, how do I make a move without totally embarrassing myself?? I can’t exactly invite him to my next date party, so I need another in. As always, thank you for your excellent guidance.


Not Looking to Become Lila Stangard

Dear Lila,

Okay, phew, I read the subject line of this email and thought there would be spoilers and I was about to curse you out because I haven’t seen season 2 yet (I KNOW). The good news is, since this guy is single there’s no vengeful wife to possibly murder you, so the odds of you turning up face-down in a water tank are pretty slim I think.

I’m like, pretty inclined to say this guy wants to smash you. Pro-tip for life: any time a guy goes out of his way for a girl, he’s probably hoping to smash at some point. So I think you’ve laid good groundwork for a steamy bang session on his desk. Next time he drives you home, just invite him in. Or if that’s too bold, you can start small by dressing more slutty when you go talk to him (subtly, don’t wear like your club outfit strolling through the quad), and ask him about his weekend plans and mention you’re free. Or like, ask him to grab drinks with you so you can “ask him some economics questions” (not). Don’t overthink it.

Enjoy the easy A,

The Betches

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