Hong Kong Is Now Trash Shaming Its Litterbugs

Hong Kong is now trash shaming its litterbugs by taking the DNA off of trash and posting the face of the culprit on large ads. Apparently the city has gotten too trashy and is now trying to fight back.

That’s one way to clean up the streets, but this method sounds flawed for several reasons. First of all, just because your DNA is on something doesn’t mean you were the one that threw it on the ground.  Those old men passing out bible pamphlets on the subway, for example, would probably pop up on a lot of trash.  Also, is this DNA limited to humans?  Or are we going to start seeing some dog and cat faces on those ads too?

I mean, you probably shouldn’t be littering or whatever, but with this kind of technology we’re looking at options outside of just analyzing trash.  Super fans can dig through celebrity’s trash to find items they’ve touched. Creepy stalkers can do the same. I mean, the whole idea kind of freaks us out.

Next they’ll be announcing a missed connections app but instead of posting their description you just analyze their DNA.  You’re welcome, app developers.


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