How To Beat A Holiday Hangover

The holidays are a time for presents and booze. And like, family and stuff too, but a betch’s priorities are the presents and the booze. Consuming all of the alcohol (champagne, anyone?) that the holidays have to offer can take it’s toll on a girl. Keep your shit together with these holiday hangover tips.

Take precautions.

Do right by yourself the night before. Prior to passing out, chug some water or Blowfish (like alka-seltzer, but better) and an 800mg Motrin. It’ll give you the jump start you need to get rid of your hangover in the morning.


I know – you physically and emotionally will want to die, especially after a boozy holiday party. But you need to work up a sweat. As much as it will suck to get started, you’ll basically sweat out your hangover and burn some calories from drinking the night before. Go to yoga class and release some of those toxins.

Eat some gingerbread.

Tis the freakin’ season. Ginger has been proven to reduce nausea (and heartburn), so grab a gingersnap or destroy the house you built with your cousin. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Take a nap.

Once you get all of the other shit out of the way and fill yourself with complex carbs and some cucumber water, lay yourself down and sleep. It’s the tried and true way of ignoring/beating a hangover.

If none of these methods work, you might as well start drinking again.


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