What To Wear To Holiday Parties This Year

Despite what you’ve been told your entire life, the holidays are not a time for stuffing your face with every sweet you cross paths with. While you’re sitting at home chugging peppermint mochas and cramming handfuls of pecan pie down you’re throat, real betches are preparing for the biggest night of the year: New Year’s Eve.

NYE is the best because it provides a clear divide between betches and the rest of the world. It is one of the few holidays that not only mandates a dress code, but celebrates sequins and glitter being a part of it. The only way it could get any better is if it were socially acceptable (and also encouraged) to blackout on champagne by midnight and then makeout with some random guy. Oh, wait.

Basically, NYE is a betch’s dream come true. To make sure yours is the best ever, we’ve gone ahead and picked out a few dresses that will ensure free drinks all night and enough #tbt fodder for months to come. You’re welcome.

Spoiler alert: most of them are black, because black is the only color that matters. If you disagree, you’re wrong and there’s probably a JC Penny nearby better suited to your tastes. If you’re that butt hurt about it, most of them come in other (lesser) colors.


This seems pretty straightforward. You’ll look hot, timeless, and black gives you the option of a bold lipstick. Fucking duh.

Silence + Noice Double Spaghetti Strap Slip 

Nasty Gal I’m Yours Dress

Kimchi Blue Scallop Lace Bodycon Dress


There’s a fine line when it comes to sequins. You want to err on the side of Great Gatsby rather than Burlesque.

Parker Hayden Dress

Ecote Beaded Mini Dress

Nasty Gal Love Hangover Sequin Dress

Crop Tops and High Waisted Skirts

Nothing says “I love the holidays and alcohol” like showing some midriff.

Lovers + Friends Dolly Skirt 

Alice and Olivia Wolla Lace Crop Top 

X Revolve Alley Oop Pencil Skirt

Tibi Feather Tuxedo Crop Top 


All the fun of a dress without the added responsibility of remembering to not flash people. Rompers are a blacked out betch’s best friend.

Motel Jetta Romper

Nasty Gal Midnight Hour Romper

Topshop Velvet Wrap Jumpsuit


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