Holiday Inspired Beauty Looks That Don’t Include Glitter

Tis the season to look better than all of your family members combined! Although dressing up for the holidays is often synonymous with unfortunate sweaters, reindeer headbands, and generally appearing as shapeless ornaments in human form, there’s no need to follow the crowd of idiots who use Christmas/Hanukkah as an excuse to get fat and “try” glitter eyeliner.

Unlike when you were a child and your parents forced you to eat cookies while insisting that you wear unflattering dresses, at least now you can control what you choose to put on your body. (Thanks, feminism!!) Again, no need to feel bullied into wearing matching scarves with your 17 possibly inbred cousins, and no need to go ape shit with the glitter. You’re an adult now. Here are some holiday inspired beauty looks to try instead. 

Icy Blue Winged Liner

Ice everyone out by being an ice queen (on your lids). Try Stila Liquid Eyeliner in Turquoise


Gold AF Eyeshadow

Make a metallic gold the focus of your eye look. Finish with a lightly tinted lip balm, and some matte, rose colored blush.


Burgundy Smokey Eye

A festive spin on holiday reds.


Black Lips

Alarming, but in an empowered way. Remember to keep the rest of your makeup minimal.


Rhinestone Accessory

This under eye rhinestone moment > than glitter. (x 100000000000000000, etc.)


Au Naturel

Why not? You’re pretty enough. Maybe. IDK.

Lots of Lashes

When in doubt, become inspired by the Christmas tree, and put on a shit ton of lashes. Try individual ones, like MAC 30 Lash. Line your inner rim with a nude pencil for an extra pop. 


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