Hipsters Want To Take Baths in Black Water

Some hipster posted a video of her using a black bath bomb and the internet went crazy.  So if you were sitting around thinking, “you know what would make this bath better? If the water looked like it was possessed,” then you’re in luck. 

This company called Bella Muerte sells bath bombs that come in colors like blood red and demon black. Actually, the real names are “hell fury bath bomb” and “nightmare bath bomb.”  So it’s perfect if you want your bath bombs to resemble a Hot Topic T-shirt.  The video is kind of cool to watch, but it also looks like the stuff of horror movies.

Here’s a description of one of these bath bombs:

“Yes it looks like true hellfire!! Infused with cherry cupcake fragrant oil, will not stain your skin or tub, vegan”

Oh good, they’re vegan. So they’re drinkable? Not sure how that’s relevant.

This reminds us of the time the Manzos started selling black drinking water. It’s just like, why? And also like, can you not?


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