Hipsters: Please Stop With This Rainbow Grilled Cheese

We all somehow managed to survive the rainbow bagel craze of 3 months ago, but unfortunately there is a new rainbow colored food item that is about to hit Brooklyn this summer—rainbow grilled cheese.

Being sold in Hong Kong and called the “Kala Toast,” it’s made with four different cheeses, each one a different color and all with different flavors. Yes, the different colors actually mean different flavors. The blue is lavender, the red is tomato, the green is basil and the yellow is regular cheese. I’m sorry, but you’ll never convince me that lavender, tomato, basil and cheese will all taste good together in my mouth. So not only is this unnecessary; it is also disgusting.

Can we all just agree to stop with the whole rainbow food thing? I’m sorry but with things like bagels and grilled cheese, can we all just agree to let them be boring neutral colors? Some foods aren’t supposed to look exciting. And that doesn’t mean that they taste bland just because the only color they come in is “self tanner”.

A grilled cheese with white bread, cheddar cheese and maybe a tomato slice or two thrown in is a hangover cure classic that I just don’t think needs to be messed with. 


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