Hipsters Came Up With Ramen Burritos And Just No

When you think of Christmas and you think of yacht week, your first thought isn’t, “great, let’s put these things together”. That’s because as great as these two things are, they belong in their separate categories…as do ramen and burritos.

But not according to some hipster chef in Brooklyn, who that decided that just because two things are both fucking great on their own, they should be combined in such an unorthodox way that we can only imagine was fueled by a shitty drug trip.

Somewhere in New York, David Chang is rolling over in his sleep, wishing he never gave ramen to the Brooklyn people.

The shittiest part about this whole invention is that there’s absolutely no creativity in it at all. At least with the ramen burger the bun was a sacred creation of neatly held together ramen with just the right amount of spices and grilled patty. This ramen burrito looks exactly like what it sounds: a burrito topped with a wad of wet noodles. Please just go home.


Anyway, we hope you’re happy, because you just found a way to ruin two wonderful things.


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