GREAT, Now Hipsters Are Obsessed With Rainbow Makeup

Last week, “beauty junkies” collectively lost their senses of dignity and self respect when a seemingly innocuous rainbow highlighter from Etsy went viral and quickly sold out.

Listen, I get that people are obsessed with everything rainbow (I mean, not really you fucking wierdos, get over it.) But this highlighter just doesn’t look good on anyone. Not a single person. Probably not even Blake Lively to be totally honest. But the product sold out before anyone could even buy it, leaving me to question everything. This world is a fucked up place. Real fucked up.

That being said—because I’m feeling nice—if you’re interested in the highlighter (who tf are you and what are you doing here?) you’ll have to wait for it to come back in stock on (In the meantime though, maybe you should rethink your sordid priorities.)


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