Speidi Was Not Impressed With The Hills Special

The Hills That Was Then, This Is Now special came and went without too many shocking revelations. Most of it was fake? Shocker. LC and Brody lacked chemistry? Yeah, we have eyes. Like Lauren really wanted to date a guy with tacky hand tats.

Anyway, the best thing to come out of the ordeal was probably the reaction from the cheap seats a.k.a. Heidi and Spencer.

Yes, the Pratts are still married (actually shocking), super broke (not shocking) and live-tweeting events they weren’t invited to.

Spencer took the special as an opportunity to show off his comparison skills. Comparing watching the special to other boring events, and saying he’d rather go do them. Aw, poor Spencer still doesn’t understand irony.

If he actually wanted to go shopping at Kohls instead of watching the Special, I’m pretty sure that option was available. Or can he only afford Walmart now? How sad.

Spencer also compared Lauren to Taylor Swift for her lying. The thing about LC and Taylor though, Spencer, is that they’re still rich and famous. They don’t have to claw their way into the world of relevance with a string of mean tweets. Oops. Sorry. Someone had to go there.

Heidi was still #TeamSpencer, backing up her man’s opinions on the show being an LC only special. She did admit Lauren’s Kohls clothes were cute though. At least there’s that. 

Sorry not sorry, guys, LC still wins this round and probably every one from hereafter.


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