Hillary Clinton Showed Up To The Scandal Set And The Irony Is Too Much

ICYMI, Hillary Clinton wants to win the presidency more than I wanted to get my braces off before my bat mitzvah. Given the meltdown I had in my orthodontist’s office, I’m afraid of what will happen in the Clinton house if things don’t go her way. Well, anyway, Hillary decided to hang out with the cast of Scandal—and to answer your question, no, she won’t be making a cameo anytime soon—proving that she’s the only candidate who really understands what Americans want.

My question is, how has no one else figured out that Shondaland is the key to the 2016 election? Seriously, like 70% of women aged 12-84 watch 3 hours of television every week written by this woman, talk about it with their therapists for another hour, and have elaborate group chats dedicated to the story lines. Shonda is pretty much solely responsible for the increased sales of red wine and Crate and Barrel wine glasses. Sidenote: I don’t know about anybody else, but I’m eagerly awaiting Shonda Rhimes’ presidential run, because Shondaland is a world I want to live in.

Hillary has now been endorsed officially (read: via Instagram) by Olivia Pope, her red-headed side kick, Jake, and Fitz.



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If Hillary can deal with the sexual tension between that love triangle, she can handle pretty much anything as President. The whole thing is hilarious because Fitz and Olivia’s relationship is low-key based on Bill and Monica Lewinsky…and because the pilot of Scandal was literally a rehashing of the same event (remember Amanda Tanner?). Like, a president has an affair with a political aid and an intern and it destroys his marriage…deja vu, Hill? 


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