Hillary Clinton Uses Nicknames For Her Enemies, Just Like You

You know that new reality show everybody’s been so into lately? I think it’s called “The 2016 Presidential Race”? Well, there was a new juicy piece of drama released the other day. Hillary Clinton apparently likes to brainstorm nicknames on a piece of paper just like all other betches. This time it looks like she was brainstorming nicknames for her nemisis, Donald Trump.

And just like all good reality shows, her secret list of mean nicknames was made public by someone dumpster diving. Check it out below:

I feel like Rob and Blac Chyna should get started on a list like that for their baby.

I do have to give a shout-out to Hillary though for her timeliness—“Becky with the weird hair”, I can’t even. Wow Hillary, maybe you do “get” millenials, and hopefully at least a little more than “Dangerous Donald,” who we are all hoping gets canned in Season 2.   


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