Hillary Clinton’s Netflix Queue Proves She Thinks She’s Really Pretty

So HBIC Hill was doing an interview and got asked what her favorite TV shows are, and no they’re not PLL and Vampire Diaries. Apparently she spent her birthday Netflix and chilling with Billy C – aka the third most fuckable President. They binge watch House of Cards, Madam Secretary, and The Good Wife, which are all shows legit written about the Clintons. Like, at first they thought they were reading a sad, handwritten book by Al Gore, but then realized they were actual TV shows.

Quick rundown:

House of Cards is about a conniving politician and his wife that manipulate their way to the Presidency, then his wife – Claire – gets appointed to the UN, so that she can become a Senator after her husband leaves office. Bill made Hillary the head of the Task Force on Health Care back in the 1990s, so that she could run for the New York Senate seat. The Good Wife is about “the first lady of Illinois who starts her own political career.” Cough Cough Hillary was the first lady of Arkansas (ew) who started her own political career afterward. Madam Secretary is about a female Secretary of State, which was Hillary’s job until she quit in 2013.

This is like if a doctor watched Grey’s Anatomy, House, and Scrubs or a SoCal betch watched The OC, Laguna Beach, and The Hills (oh wait…) Maybe Hillary should release her Netflix queue instead of her fucking boring emails. 


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