Good News, Hillary Clinton’s Nephew Is Hot AF

Good news for people who like news about hot people. The Clintons have more to contribute to the world other than politics and blow job/email scandals. Enter: Tyler Clinton, Hillary’s nephew who looks like he was the in vitro fertilization result of Alexander Skarsgård, every Victoria’s Secret model ever, and my 16-year-old self’s dreams.

Tyler, 22, is the son of Bill Clinton’s half-brother Roger Clinton Jr. He made his debutante appearance when he graced the stage next to Bill (when Bill was busy getting a full-blown erection for balloons) at the DNC on Thursday.

We could have easily missed Tyler, but thanks to all the creepy people on the internet, photos of his modeling career surfaced instead. 

Besides the fact that along with being ridiculously good looking, Tyler appears as if he would be a prime candidate to work at a Hollister in Indiana. #ImWithHim. 


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