Katy Perry And Hillary Clinton Are BFFs Now

Much like Kim Kardashian and Lena Dunham, Katy Perry is an outspoken Hillary Clinton supporter. The singer took over Hillary’s ‘gram over the weekend and performed at a Clinton rally in Iowa.

First, let’s talk about her two themed outfits and her patriotic headdress. Katy wore this white sequined Hilary dress with an American flag cape, and this navy Hillary dress later on, with a mirrored Hillary logo as the belt, denoting the forward H, but also a new H with a backwards arrow. Huh.

Katy’s birthday was Oct. 25th, and Hillary’s is today, the 26th, so Katy gave Hillary this POTUS necklace, prompting commenters to say things like “OMG Love it!” and “So disappointed in Katy..” and “CANT LUMP THE STUMP. CAN’T STUMP THE TRUMP,” whatever that means. America is illiterate.

This is probably just the beginning of pop stars and entertainers “getting involved” in politics aka not talking about the issues, just showing selfie support in this weird ass 2016 race. Here’s an idea: if you want people to be more politically active, don’t tell them who to vote for, tell them to figure it out for themselves. Cough, Kim, cough. 


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