Man Says Hillary Clinton Shouldn’t Be President Because Of Her Period

People, somehow, are still in disbelief that Trump made it this far, and they shouldn’t be. Because while Jeb Bush was comically insinuating that his boring policies would benefit anyone other than people like him, and Ted Cruz was busy writing erotic Biblical slash fiction, Donald Trump had the good sense to say “hey, large swaths of America—I bet you’re pretty mad that your towns are shitholes, huh?”

The problem, however, is that speaking in such general terms to so many people means you’re casting a wide net. For every sincere, hardworking person who’s fed up with Washington ignoring the plight of rural America, you get about 100 who have the intelligence and social graces of a wet fart. People like Carl Unger, who understands that the REAL reason $hillary Rotten Clinton is not her email server or her Big Banking Satanist Jew Connections, but the stuff that leaks out of her crotch every month (or used to).

What you see here is basically every shitty Clinton meme, brought to life through prose and published in (what I assume is) a legitimate newspaper. The takes are strong with this one, and it starts right out of the gate.

Now the liberals and Obama are calling for social justice and it is just code for socialism.

This is how you know you’re about to get fucked up by the truth. Questionable grammatical start? Check. Misunderstanding (and misattribution) of political concepts? I love old people, because they really think we’re still fighting the Cold War.

Now they have college students who are talking about being triggered and taking away freedom of speech while liberal politicians work on taking our guns so we cannot defend ourselves when the government comes.

Lol, if Carl thinks a shotgun and a couple of pistols are going to save him from a government that can slaughter thousands with unmanned drones from a thousand miles away, I have a bridge I’d like to sell him. I personally have no problems with guns or gun ownership, but the tears from wingnuts who’ve deluded themselves into thinking that they actually make them safer are the most delicious of all.

They call us sexist just because we are critical of Hillary Clinton and her health.

Mm, pretty sure that’s not why we/they call you sexist…

What if that time of the month comes and she is sick at the same time?

Boom, there’s the good shit. Could it be, Carl, that people call you sexist because you, I dunno, think that a woman’s menses makes her physically and mentally unfit to lead? But because explaining that would require unpacking enough layers of understanding to make the world’s largest metaphorical Bloomin’ Onion, maybe it would just be easier to tell Carl that at 69, it’s highly unlikely that Hillary still gets periods? Like, if even Elite Daily can point that out, I think Carl can grasp it.

The liberals call us racist to silence us because they cannot handle the truth that when they give out money to people of all races it just makes them lazy.

Look man, if liberals are calling you racist to silence you and people like you, it clearly isn’t working. More likely, people call you racist because they know what you mean when you use nonsense terms like “welfare queens.”

We need to take our country back and an outsider like Donald Trump is the only one who can do it. He is not a politician but an everyday guy like all of us patriots who love our country.

That’s how you bring home a letter to the editor! Even though literally none of those words were true, they feel true to people like Carl, and that’s what matters.

And that’s the real problem with Trump, his campaign and the rhetoric he chooses to run it. His understanding begins and ends with the idea that people aren’t happy, but knowing that he’s completely incapable of addressing (let alone fixing) any of the myriad concerns facing middle Americans, he instead chose to court the conspiracy theorist and “I use a swastika as my Twitter avatar” vote.

That, and the “girls have cooties” vote, apparently.


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