Hilary Duff Is Officially A Singer Again

If your inner child is still obsessed with Lizzie McGuire, this has been a good week for you. Last week, Hilary Duff released her first album of new music in like eight years, which might as well be a century in the music industry. Hil still looks gorgeous, but now she’s 27 and divorced with a kid so she’s been a little busy since she met Paolo in Italy that that time.

Her new album is basically the same kind of music she was making in 2006, which I really don’t have a problem with because it’s catchy as fuck. The main single, Sparks, would probably be the song of the summer if people didn’t still think of Hilary Duff as being exclusively for preteens. Hilary will probably never be as big as Taylor Swift or Katy Perry, but I’m sure she’s doing fine. If her music career doesn’t take off again, at least she’ll have more time for Tinder?


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