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For those of you that may live under a rock and don’t subscribe to / follow all major entertainment news outlets, breaking news: Hilary Duff is now back on the market. While today's twenty-something betches will always know Hilary Duff as Lizzie McGuire and tell ourselves she married Gordo and they lived happily ever after with Miranda down the street, this is not the case. It has been a decade since the squeaky clean blonde worked with Disney, and a lot has changed since.

Today Hilary is a twenty seven year old mother to an adorable 2 year old boy named Luca, and is currently in the process of filing for divorce after being married to professional hockey player Mike Comrie for three years. In an exclusive interview with Cosmopolitan, Hilary opened up about her past relationships, her future endeavors, and her outlook on the idea of spending the rest of your life with one person. Bleh.



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Although many young female celebrities like Miley, Lindsay and Britney went (or still are) fucking crazy, Hilary always managed to keep a professional and good girl reputation with the media. Not to be categorized as a nice girl, Hilary does open up about losing her virginity and reminds readers that she dated twenty six year old Joel Madden of Good Charlotte while still in her teen years. She claims “everyone can make their own assumptions about what I was doing.” Suggestive yet no admission of guilt – I like the way you work Duff.

Hilary Duff has a new role on the television show Younger that debuts March 31st. From the creator of Sex and the City Darren Star, Younger will feature Duff as Kelsey, a girl that dates the wrong guys, can be seen as a frequent flyer of the hot mess express, and is overall a work hard, play hard young woman that so many of us can relate to. While this role is far from her Disney Channel days wearing barrettes and choker necklaces, we’re excited to see Hilary continue to blossom into the betch we know she’s capable of continuing to be. In recent news – she’s even posted an Instagram selfie of herself in a sexy bikini showing off a KILLER bod, post baby or not. Aaron Carter should be sliding into your DMs any day now girl.


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