High Schooler Threatens to Kill Girls Because They Wouldn’t Send Him Nudes

A sophomore from some public school in a flyover state threatened to kill all of the girls in his school because they wouldn’t send him nude photos. On the entitlement scale that’s a Stephen Colletti from Laguna Beach. To summarize the situation, I’d like to quote noted social scientist and poet Ja’mie King – “Wife beaters and rapists are nearly all public school educated. Sorry, no offense. But it’s true.”

This kid told someone over social media – I’m betting it was Tumblr or Twitter DMs – that he was going to “bring two guns and hunting knives to school.” Because the natural response to being rejected by 16 year old girls is to reenact Scream. He was arrested and charged with telephone harassment (because if he was going to fuck with people he should have done it over text like a fucking normal person) and threatening violence on school grounds.

There’s a happy ending though, the school found out about his threats and implemented a lockdown, so nobody got hurt. This whole thing sounds like an episode of Degrassi, but Wheelchair Jimmy wasn’t there to save the day. 


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