Study Finds High Schoolers More Likely To Smoke Pot Than Cigarettes

So some scientists decided to “study” pot for the past forty years and just announced that high schoolers are more likely to smoke pot than cigarettes. For the first time ever.

Apparently this is news. Since the study began in 1975, cigarettes have been consistently more popular with high school seniors than marijuana. Now some random people are saying that this change is because the public perception of marijuana is improving, and sure maybe, but the issue with pot wasn’t ever the actual substance or anyone perceiving it as dangerous. The issue was that you could only get pot from people who looked like Wayne’s World extras.

Realistically, pot was less popular because normal people didn’t want to interact with people who wear carpets around and own multiple Bob Marley albums, on CDs, with CD players to play them on. Fortunately things have changed, thanks Colorado, so now weed is 1. less creepy and 2. occasionally legal.

Amidst political and international chaos, it warms my heart to know that two things are going right in our country: an unrelenting pursuit of scientific excellence and an increasingly lenient stance on drugs. 


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