Hermione Granger Threatened With Nude Photos

Hermione Granger aka Emma Watson gave a massive speech at the United Nations Ambassador – ever heard of it? It's low key really impressive that Emma just graduated from college (Brown University) and already has a job… oh wait, maybe it wasn't the degree that got her the job. Regardless of her qualifications, it's amazing that the UN is formally supporting the fact that women deserve respect (instead of a color coded X to get roofied).

Anywaysm, Emma gave this insane speech over the weekend and everybody is shitting themselves over it. Every girl, especially the ones who just got back from their walks of shame, lost their shit on Sunday after watching Emma get a standing ovation for saying that “It is time that we all perceive gender on a spectrum – not as two opposing sets of ideals,” classic shit Brown students say.

People were all about this speech because she basically commercialized feminism, which is a little bit awkward because Beyonce has been trying to do that for the past five years. I guess people tend to take you more seriously in a blazer than a sequined leotard. Who knew?

Everything was going great until the same fucking assholes that released the Jennifer Lawrence nude photos became Douche Lord of the Century and threatened to post nudes of Emma Watson. We all can agree that releasing nude photos in general is a dick move. Just because somebody takes the photos does not give you the right to post them on the internet (or at least that's what the headmaster at my brother school told the bros after they posted some girls' nudes on flickr).

This is some fucked up shit tho. A woman professionally expressed her views in an internationally respected venue and some man who probably has a small dick wants to threaten her into silence. This asshole is alledgedly posting the photos to 4chan. So calling all assholes: Boycott 4Chan because they're actually the worst. Keep doing you Emma, don't let the haters stop you from doing your thang.




Source: CNN


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