Her Campus: Defining and Refining What It Means to Be a ‘Betch’ in Today’s Collegiate Community

Article by Liz Roberts September 18, 2011

If you’ve ever woken up after a casually belligerent weekend, went on www.betcheslovethis.com and read a post that essentially echoes thoughts you wanted to say aloud but didn’t; you know what this site is about. But if you don’t, it’s a perspective on college life with a debatable level of satire written about and for young adult women. Founded on Feb. 26, 2011, this daily updated blog covers issues in “The Betch List” that pertain to women in college: practical issues of “Borrowing Clothes,” romantic dilemmas of “The Ex-Boyfriend Cycle,” technological questions of “The iPhone Switch,” and commentary on social phenomenons such as “Abbrevs.” This satirical take on “life as a betch” is hysterically or horrifyingly (take your pick) valid on college issues, and has become insanely popular not only in the University of Maryland community but viral nationwide as well. BLT’s Facebook page proclaims: “A betch is complex. Being a betch is a commitment. It’s not only who you are, it’s a lifestyle.” Revamped with new aesthetics, the site now features a new section on “Culture” about movies that don’t come with the standard “highly recommended” label. Contrastingly, they’re recommended to be highly avoidedby the creators, such as the film One Day. Other aspects of BLT feature an advice column, “Dear Betch,” to respond to reader inquiries; “Betchography” depicting an analysis of popular American cities; and a “Betch of the Week” section. This week’s is Blake Lively, whose picture is accompanying this article. This is a category for celebrities and VIP that the creators believe have qualities we, as readers, should aspire to. Below is the exclusive interview with the creators of betcheslovethis.com. Although they remained highly elusive in keeping with their anonymity, their explanations on changing the aesthetics of BLT, how they respond to the critics and why it’s important to define a “betch” is true to form: honest and unapologetic.

HC:What was the inspiration to create Betcheslovethis? BLT:We were bored. Betches usually are. Also @ConfessionsOfaNarcissist was too many characters for a Twitter to handle so we decided to write a blog instead. Before we knew it, we were celebs. Finally the world is in on a secret we've known all along. The idea came to us like divine inspiration because we live what we write. Except for the really fucked up stuff, that's the shit our friends do.

HC:How do you know so much about college issues? Are you currently in college, just graduated or another explanation? Please elaborate because many of your fans tend to think you’re all mind readers with the issues you write about. BLT:We don’t like to give too much information about ourselves but our readers definitely know that we’ve graduated college. Prob because we wrote a post on graduation. Every (normal) girl goes through the same things and has the same issues. We just enlighten these girls as to how the best way to act in these sticky situations, like what to respond when a guy texts you “Hey.”

HC:What is the process in deciding which topics to write about every day? BLT:Text chat. It's a very formal business.

HC:What was the reason for redesigning the blog with a new name, dropping the “site” part? BLT:Because we’re getting bigger and we were on WordPress until we decided that blog services are for plebs and whiny #43 haters. We took “site” out because even though betches love our site, the site is about everything betches love.

HC:Why is it important to make a distinction between a “betch” and a “non-betchy” girl? BLT:Because we’re proud of who we are. Would John Roberts ever introduce himself as just another lame loser justice of the Supreme Court? Exactly, betches are the chiefs of the girl world.

HC:Why do you believe that college girls identify with your site so well? One reader I talked to wondered if you somehow wiretapped her phone because of how valid your ex-boyfriend post is. BLT:That’s because we did. Rupert Murdoch's idea.

HC:Betch of the Week- What do all of these women have in common besides being celeb status? Why should readers emulate them in attaining “betch” status? BLT:Being a celebrity doesn't make you a betch. Like, don't even get us started on Anne Hathaway and fucking Gaga. The betches of the week are given this honor because they're cool and don’t give a shit about what anyone else thinks about them. Never caring, that’s how you stay on top.

HC:How do you respond to the critics who say that your site is anti-feminist? BLT:We say: LOL critics, LOL. What's anti-feminist about knowing you're the shit? We're a new kind of feminist…the hot kind.

HC:What is the most important piece of advice your site gives? BLT:How to win the proverbial “game” is definitely a big one. If girls are going around calling themselves betches and subsequently whining and triple-texting guys, we just can’t be associated with that. Oh and he's just not that into you.

HC:What is an essential character trait one must have to be a “betch”? BLT:Kindness. Just kidding. Confidence, and maybe like a non-chipped manicure.

HC:What is the one material object a girl must have to be considered a true “betch?” Or do you even need a material object since it’s more of an overarching mentality? BLT:It’s more of the latter but a pair of Loubs never hurt. Also, to the girls who still wear their Tiffany Tag necklace: either take it off or stop calling yourself a betch, we’re not in 5th grade.

HC:What is the betchiest racial minority? BLT:HA. That’s a betchy fucking question. Being a betch in itself makes you a minority and like all smaller factions, we have to deal with the oppression of nice girls and haters everyday. Even though we pride ourselves on being #24 insensitive, betches come in all races, but definitely not all sizes.

HC:Morning After Betch: What’s the etiquette after you sleep over at a guy's place? Do you have sex again or just roll out? BLT:Depends. Are you ugly? If yes, then roll the fuck out of there. If you look effortlessly gorg, as all betches should, then stay for round two. Honestly, it's all about reading the cues. If this guy wakes you up with bagels and iced coffee he clearly wants you to stay (after making sure you scoop out the bagel). If you wake up and he's gone, that speaks for itself, especially if it's his own apartment. But betches #8 don’t have sex with guys (sometimes), so we don’t know what you’re talking about.

HC:In a choice between an Ugly Hot, a Bro or a Pro, what’s really the best option when it comes to getting what we want? BLT:Pro > Ugly Hot >Bro. Pros have their shit together in terms of a career while Bros just have it together in terms of when they’re drinking next. Who would you pick?



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