Hello, Adele’s Makeup Is Like, Really Pretty

I know everyone’s been sobbing into their salads, dialing their ex boyfriends on flip phones, and basically losing their shit over Adele’s new song, but I’m over here like “uhm, Hello, why does Adele look so fucking hot?” I guess she had a baby and took three years off from the “industry” (so chic), but like, is this Adele’s tipping point? All signs (i.e. her fur coat) point to yes.

Besides the fact that she’s obvs way thinner, Adele’s makeup has literally never been more on point. If you’re interested in how to look this put together, but simultaneously better than anyone, but also simultaneously heartbroken and depressed, but also thinner than you were three years ago, here’s how to do that:

Apply a light taupe eyeshadow like MAC Charcoal Brown in the crease of your eye, then swipe a matte nude shade like ‘W.O.S.’ from Urban Decay’s Naked Basics Palette across your whole lid. Next, apply liquid liner all along your upper lash line, but flick it out at the corner (following the natural line of your eyebrow). Stila’s All Day Liquid Liner won’t budge and is easy to work with, so basically it’s a godsend.

Next, use a black kohl pencil like Chanel’s Le Crayon across your lower lash line and blend it out with the aforementioned taupe shade you used in your crease. Finish off by curling the shit out of your lashes and adding like at least 5 coast of mascara (okay maybe 2, but not less than 4). Pop on a brown/pink matte lip like NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in ‘Bahama’ and BAM, call yourself a multi-platinum British recording artist.  



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