You’re Probably Only Dating Your Boyfriend Based On His Height, Study Says

So you think you fell for the guy you met on Tinder because he was “hilarious” and had a “stable job,” but like, real quick news flash: making you “laugh once”, and “magician” don’t fucking count. Also, it might have just been his height. 

A new study found conclusive evidence that people choose significant others based on their height, which like — duh! — isn’t surprising at all. The kicker here is that your height preference directly correlates to your own height genes. So to put it in laybetches terms: the guys you want to fuck are somewhat close to your same stature.

UHM, no. Besides Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes, no-one gets out of bed in the morning for less than 6 feet. Still, according to this study, couples with massive height discrepancies are outliers. Apparently, at the end of the day you want to be with someone who also can’t reach the the highest shelf, aka someone just like you. (For IDK, survival or something probably, but I didn’t get that far into the study because it was starting to get boring AF.)

Ugh. I guess scientifically speaking, we’re all just a bunch of goddamn narcissists.


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