Heidi Montag’s Dad Arrested For Child Molestation

Heidi Montag's dad Bill was arrested recently on charges of child abuse and incest, and it's pretty fucked up. Bill allegedly had a relationship with a 13-year-old girl starting in 1993, and he abused her over 50 times until 1998. We don't know who the girl was, but it's apparently not Heidi or Holly. This whole situation is fucking disturbing, and this guy is obviously a total skeezeball.

Besides the obvious, the worst thing about this story is that it's making us talk about Heidi Montag again. Since she fucked up her face (and pretty much her entire body) in like 2009, she's pretty much fallen off the face of the Earth, which was a total blessing. Now I'm sure we'll be hearing all about her again, as she'll probably try to wrangle this whole situation into a second career. Sorry Heidi, but LC has her life together and The Hills is never coming back.




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