Heidi Montag Says She Always Hated Lauren Conrad, BURNNNN

So at this point, we all know that The Hills was more fake than Audrina Patridge’s spray tan. It’s kind of like finding out that Santa Claus is fake, but we need to face the music – in this case, the music is Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield.

Well Spencer and Heidi Pratt – the couple MTV deserves, not the one it needs – are talking mad shit about HBIC Lauren Conrad. They’re trying to pull their lives together after a five year journey on the SS Irrelevancy and doing interviews again. They just did one for Complex, the magazine that featured Khloe Kardashian’s ass, where Spencer called LC a “cold hearted killer,” but “meant it as a compliment.” That’s like telling someone you hate them and then saying “no offense.”

But Heidi said, “I spent years pretending to like her for a living. It was literally my job to deal with her, and it wasn’t pleasant. The fact is, she lied about me and tried to destroy my life. Yet I was the one painted as the villain so the show could have her as the good guy.” Then Lauren told Heidi that hoop earrings were her thing, and Heidi wasn’t allowed to wear them.

Like, tbh, she’s probably not wrong. If the show was fake (read: it was) then the plot line that she and Spencer spread rumors about LC’s sex tape with Justin definitely did screw the two of them over for like a decade. Plus, the sex-tape rumor is partially what made Stephanie Pratt befriend Lauren instead of defending Spencer and Heidi, which is pretty fucked up. I guess a slowly falling tear is thicker than blood. The producers also made Spencer basically beg for Lauren to come to their (second wedding), lol.

Then scum-sucking road whore Kristin Cavallari decided to get in on the action, because nobody had talked about her or her post-baby body for like 10 minutes. She said that Speidi has “sort of shut up the haters” and “she still talks to Heidi all the time.” Congratu-fucking-lations Kristin. How’s Stephen? 


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