Heidi Montag Forgives A Fake Lauren Conrad for Ruining Her Life


Heidi Montag-Pratt “forgave” Lauren Conrad on “Marriage Bootcamp,” and I'm calling bullshit. To set the scene, Heidi is on a shitty reality TV show on the WE network roleplaying with a brunette, fake LC and recites this scripted monologue.

“I was the best friend you ever had. Lauren, I forgive you for being so insecure in your life. And so frustrated for everything you went through that you felt like you had to blame it on me 'cause it was easier. I forgive you for trying to ruin my life. I forgive you for everything. I just don't wanna have this with you anymore. I do love you, despite everything you've done to me. I do.”

End scene. So she's obvi referring to the whole sex tape rumor thing. Which, tbh, could have been avoided if LC had just fucking gone to Paris, but whatever. Basically, Heidi is still saying that she didn't start the rumors. Yawn. Homegirl ruined her own life by dating and marrying Spencer mother-fucking Pratt, getting fired for being drunk at work, having more plastic surgery than Janice Dickinson, and being on every shitty reality TV show ever made (see “I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here”). The whole thing feels like Heidi is trying to reenact a scene between Blair and Serena from Gossip Girl, and it's not fucking working.

Also, if the Hills was fake and actually scripted (RIP teenage dreams), then this whole thing is the dumbest shit ever. So in the words of LC, “sometimes it doesn't work out.”




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