Heidi Klum’s Halloween Costumes Have Always Been Psycho

Heidi Klum sort of seems like that insane, but really chic anorexic step aunt that you would forget existed until she sent you a designer hand bag in the mail with a note that said something irrational like “I’m your mother! Auf Wiedersehen”, and that’s probably why I love her.

Speaking of her insanity, the super model recently grammed a photo teasing this year’s Halloween costume choice, and I’m all like “Is Ryan Murphy behind this shit?”

^^ WTF is this? Blue semen? Crystallized tears of ex Project Runway contestants? Some sort of rare seaweed body wrap?

IDK WTF it is, but it did get me thinking about all the other ways Heidi Klum has looked like a lunatic in the name of Halloween.

Case in point, this creepy AF bullshit:

When she was the gay Mothman Prophecies:

When she dressed up as my hot grandmother:

And whatever this incredibly insensitive costume was:

I feel like Heidi Klum is in a contest with herself on who can be the weirdest super model alive, and like tbh, she’s winning. Happy Heidi-ween everyone. 


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